Thursday, 16 January 2014

Wow I can’t believe my months holiday is now over, what a fun filled time the whole family has had, It was a very busy few week before Christmas finishing of a lot of shopping and a early family gathering for those that would be afar on Christmas day, It was a quite Christmas lunch this year without Michael’s Mum and John this year but we understand we do have to share them sometimes and they did have a wonderful time in WA with other family, we did have a lovely lunch with my Mum and Dad and Michaels Dad and Max, then a great night at my sisters with the rest of the family. New year’s seen a lot more Family get togethers and so much fun, The rest of our holidays was filled with lots fun things we stayed in Sydney for a few days and done all the normal thing you get up to down and the kids loved it, Nate loved The Sydney Tower that much we had to go back, Liam and Kiara both loved Madame Tussauds, it was a great surprise for Kiara to see the 1D guy’s and Kate and Will who she just love’s. Well I have so much to catch up on now my holiday is over that I better get started, stay turned to see all that is happing in Stampin’ Up! And Stampin4All! <3

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