Friday, 20 December 2013

12”x12” No Cut Folding Gift Box Tutorial

12”x12” No Cut Folding Gift Box

You will need score board, bone folder, tape.

Step 1: Score at 1 ½”, 3” & 3 ¾”

Step 2: Turn paper 180°

Score at 1 ½”, 3” & 3 ¾”

Step 3: Turn paper 90°

Score at 3” & 4 ½”

Step 4: Turn paper 180°

Score at 3” & 4 ½”

Step 5: At the 4 ½” score lines fold down

 corner lining up along the score lines

Step 6: Turn 180° and do the same as step 5

Step7: Turn 90°.Turn the 1 ½” score line in on both sides.

Step 8: Open the fold back up and lift

 the corner into a lifted triangle

Step 9: Lay them flat over the side fold.

Step 10: Do all four corners.

Step 11: Score all lines, 2 on top and bottom,

 1 on both sides, now tape between the 2 score lines.

Step 12: Fold over the side.

Step 13: Fold other side to meet in centre.

Step 14: Now this is the hardest part,

 you need to slide your bone folder under those
 folds and open and press back to make a crisp fold.

Step 15: Do the other side; you will start to see 

the box taking shape at this stage.

Step 16: Do all 4 corners to create box centre.

Step 17:  Fold box and make a belly band to keep it closed,
 this one is a 1 ¼” X 10” piece of card stock
 but can be any width you like,
 and embellishments can be made with many different things.

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