Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Un- Convention 2013

After a busy 4 day weekend attending Un-Convention from my lounge room dressed in my most comfy PJ’s and slippers, I thought I would share a few of the challenges I took part in. Along with a bunch of other talented demonstrators on Facebook I complete a range of Swaps and Challenges and had loads of fun doing Scavenger Hunts.

Here are 3 of the sketch challenges that I did where
 we had to follow somebody else’s sketch...

I had to think hard for this next on the rules where
 to create a single layer card using no tape 
or glue and it was to be all about the stamping...

This challenge was focused on the other side of
 card making where we had to create a card with
 NO stamping aloud...

And my favourite challenge of all would have to have
 been to scrapbooking pages. For those that know me
 YES you heard right, I'm loving scrapbooking, 
well I do have to confess I did have a little help with it 
and now I’m in love all thanks to the NEW My Digital Studio.

Here are my entries for the scrapbooking challengers.

The first was a water theme with a 4-3-2-1 recipe.

This one I would have to say was probably my favourite one, 
it was to create a Hybrid page where we first created
 an 8x8 scrap page using MDS
 ( I printed it on my home printer)

 and then to mount it onto a 12x12 DSP page.
 (No MDS allowed on part 2).

This was a little bit of a quirky page, instead of having a recipe
 to follow we had to but a special family recipe on the page.

This was the last challenge I did, I had all of 20 min to get it done
 and have photo's loaded, It was a step by step challenge which 
made it so easy to complete using MDS...

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